Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm trying to get more sleep, but tonight isn't looking good - I see that it's already almost 1:00am, and after work, my son Ari and I went on a dinner date (with a side trip to Old Navy, of course). When I finally got home around 9, I just HAD to play with my new rice cooker.
Brown basmati rice smells heavenly
(although when I first walked into the house, it kind of smelled like wet dog, no kidding)
On pins and needles, too. My older son had a final interview for the full-time firefighter job he wants badly, and I think a decision is in the very near future. Until I hear that he's the one they've hired, it's Tums for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

But I'll end this post with a little humor. See below.
The Barking Beasts in pre-Halloween gear last October. Before the blizzard.
Elvis is looking at me with the camera as though I have a lamb chop hanging around my neck,
and poor sweet Maya is miserable - she hates get-ups.

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