Tuesday, April 29, 2014

amost may - still cold

What is this, the Yukon?
It's April 29, and we have the fireplace on.
I think our established butterfly bushes are dead from the cold, of the 300 new bulbs we planted last fall - well (tap, tap) I'm waiting. . .
It has been one cold bitch in Connecticut this year, and we're ready for the trees to sprout their leaves. So we can take MORE Benadryl.
Etsy shop - doing well - 213 sales/ big wedding coming up on June 10 - my huband's never married 42 year old son!!
Been to only one flea so far this season - I had to rely on picking the thrifts. Just found a beautiful designer skirt today - Juliet Dunn - British designer with heavy emphasis on bohemian ethnic.
I sound boring, but at least I'm checking in. Tata.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring. Finally. Or Else.

All I can say us that if it snows one more time in my part of Connecticut , I'm not responsible for my actions. In fact, you can visit me in Sing Sing or wherever they send crazed women who are sick of chilling winds and heaps of snow, icy steps, wet mail, slick ( downhill) driveways, damp dogs and wet floors. 
I'll be the one in the orange jumpsuit. Orange is the new black.
So c'mon, Spring. St. Paddy's day is over, so is Purim, the basketball playoffs are started, and my Christmas cactus is about to bloom (what did it not understand about Christmas?)

I want to see the 300 new bulbs we socked in last fall, and I want to chase the squirrels out of my grill. Cowboy steaks are great in the cast iron skillet, but I have a full tank of propane and I intend to use it! 
TaTa for now - stop by my Etsy shop, donnapaperscissors - just push the tab at the top of the page -I have lots of new vintage goodies. The shop did pretty well - as of today, 187 sales. Modest compared to some, but huge for me.
Night & cheers to Spring for those of us on this side of this beautiful world.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nothing much - hair gripe

A lovely night to post a photo. I shall call it "why can't my hair stay this way?"
Reality is, I need to get a few inches lopped off - I'm starting to look like a cat lady,
Although I have no felines (well, one - who lives in our igloo on the porch and cries
For attention.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Am I Lazy or Just Dull?

Since last July, I:
1- lost my job
2- was overly optimistic about the North Carolina vacation
3- had a beautiful garden
4- had a birthday
5- opened another Etsy shop, this with my sister
6- am still in love with my husband
7- gained a daughter in law
8- found a new therapist
9- decided to keep the office
10- am way behind with my card making for Operation Write Home
And much more, I'm sure.
A few scenes:

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Good July

Well, I'm up to 94 sales on Etsy - 16 in July, which is a record for me. August is dead slow so far, and I'm about to leave for vacation, so I just have to relax and remember my take on Etsy part-time selling -

Etsy is like a squirrel.
And one sure thing about a squirrel is that there is no sure thing about a squirrel.
Things start out in one direction, and suddenly they reverse. And then dart back in the first direction.

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up an over-the-top lampshade. It's definitely not me, but it's someone. Maybe my friend Lauren, aka Lol, aka BoomBoom, diva extraordinaire. I figured if it didn't sell by her birthday next year, I'd wrestle it into a gigantic gift bag and give her the lampshade of a lifetime for her gorgeous deco bedroom, loaded with herringbone veneers and bakelite handles. I mean, she has a wardrobe cabinet that must be 9 or 10 feet wide and probably 6 feet tall, with wondrous drawers, pullouts, compartments,  closet racks, jewelry keepers, wow.

But as things happen, I was talking shop with my financial advisor (hahaha), showed her a picture and she decided SHE wanted to buy it. Can't you see why?

I even put it on my head as a Kentucky Derby hat. Looked legit. That pic is probably not going to appear here.
Got to make my brother a birthday card no matter what time it is. Then I have to pack. We're driving to North Carolina on Thursday for a week on the Emerald Isle, below the Outer Banks. I hope it's wonderful. My last beach rental was a bust.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

About July 4

Make it 78 sales.
Day before July 4.
Happy 4th Anniversary to us. You are my angel, Tony.
Miss you, Daddy.
We all do.
Wish you and Mom had been here to help us grow up - a couple of us are stuck in second gear.